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Leek, potato and cheese pie recipe
March 29, 2021

Here’s a short step-by-step video to make a delicious meat-free pie. Enjoy!

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Healthy meal deliveries for elderly, stressed or vulnerable local residents
February 7, 2021

Elderly, housebound, stressed or disabled local residents in the Deal, Sandwich and St Margaret’s areas can still order a healthy, tasty…

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Pieter’s sourdough tips
February 5, 2021

Here are some of Pieter’s tips for making great sourdough bread. Yes, it takes time, but it’s forgiving and totally worth…

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Apple and pear crumble – a follow-along video
January 27, 2021

Here’s another recipe you can make with your free school meals hamper from Whole School Meals CIC. You will also need…

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ttorial how to make salsa verde
Tomato salad with salsa verde
April 12, 2019

It may not seem like it with this cold easterly wind, but here's a reminder that summer really is round the... Read More
Pasta making at Chequers Kitchen Cookery School in Deal Kent
Making pasta
April 4, 2019

Pasta is surprisingly easy to make - once you know the technique! We think fresh handmade pasta is so much more... Read More
It’s a date!
March 28, 2019

We’ve been talking about dates in the Kitchen this week – the fruit not the romantic type - and eating quite... Read More